Yes on Measure N

November 6, 2012, Election Day was a very good day for public schools. The citizens of our state voted to approve Proposition 30, the Governor’s tax initiative to fill the state’s budget gap and prevent drastic mid year cuts to education. Additionally, 82% of all local school bond initiatives passed. Unfortunately ours although receiving a majority of support from the voters, failed to reach the 55% threshold required to pass our measure.

Although we are very disappointed, the Measure N Committee is very proud of our efforts in this first attempt at passing a school bond for the Fountain Valley School District. We remain humbled at the enthusiastic support we received from our parents, local small businesses, our bargaining units and our donors. Thank you for everything you did to help our children in this endeavor.

Fountain Valley School District has always been a high performing academic district. We know that to keep us at the top, we must continue our quest to bring our district’s classroom technology into the 21st century. I pledge to you now that we are not done. We will have another chance to try this again and this time we will be successful.

Thank you for your support

The Measure N Committee

What is Measure N?

Measure N is the Fountain Valley School District’s Technology Endowment Bond that needs your support when it appears on the November 6th ballot.

Measure N will provide funds to construct the digital infrastructure necessary to support the ever-evolving educational curriculum Fountain Valley School District students need to become successful members of tomorrow’s global workforce.

Measure N will provide and maintain current data and communication equipment to advance our students’ ability to master the new nationally benchmarked Common Core State Standards.

Measure N will upgrade and replace hardware systems and teaching technology to enhance instruction as we prepare students for the 21st Century work force.

Measure N will provide our students with mobile instructional technology and expand our wireless systems, internet, and network connections at all school sites.

Measure N will assure that all of our students have the same access to the technology in our schools that most of them have at home.

Why Now?

The Fountain Valley School District Board of Trustees voted to approve a resolution to place a Technology Endowment Bond on the ballot because now more than ever they realize the importance of our students’ ability to compete with individuals not only in Orange County and United States but internationally.  They are committed to prepare our students for a globally competitive workforce and economy.

Fountain Valley School District continues to perform academically at or near the top of the county; however, the capacity to fully benefit from the new nationally benchmarked Common Core State Standards and authentic Smarter Balanced assessments digitally is limited.  During a time when Sacramento has cut our general fund revenue by 20%, we as a community cannot sit idly by and allow our students to slip behind their peers.  We have seen the investment other communities are making to extend their students’ ability to access knowledge and build information.  We believe our students deserve the same opportunity.

What will be Purchased?

Measure N will provide:

  • Fiber optic wiring and wireless networks to expand our schools and classrooms’ digital infrastructure,
  • Infrastructure components such as switches and servers,
  • Replacements for outdated and failing teacher computers,
  • Every student his/her own digital devices to use to further the District’s differentiated and individualized instructional program,
  • Mobile computer labs for students to access as needed,
  • Classroom printers for teachers and students to share,
  • Smart Boards in every classroom and Smart Tables in kindergarten and first grade to increase visual support and make information more comprehensible, and
  • A replacement cycle for all devices based on industry standard (four years for computers, five years for printers, and eight years for Smart Boards/Tables).

A specific project list and timetable for purchases and replacement mirror the overall vision and strategic direction established in the Fountain Valley School District’s Technology Plan, revised and adopted Spring, 2012 by the Board of Trustees.  The publically available plan can be accessed at